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m a n u f a c t u r i n g

The manufacturing process demands highly specialised equipment which we design and manufacture in house. Our engineers have enormous knowledge of our product and it’s applications and will always give advice and support to our clients. We believe this level of experience and knowledge is unique in the industry helping you solve technical production problems to ensure maximum productivity.

p i o n e e r i n g  


We continually evaluate new developments in the industry with a view to improving the performance and efficiency of our resin bonded diamond & cbn dicing blades.    


In addition, all environmentally approved processes are included in our ongoing research and development.

Each individual shipment carries an easily identifiable batch number to identify specific data.  


This information is used by our QC department  to ensure the correct dicing blade is selected for production especially where a wide spectrum of materials is handled.


In order to achieve a consistent end product

in a batch control process, measurement and control devices must be consistent as well. Managing this process variability requires high quality and reliable equipment which has been designed by our team here at HyTeK europe.


The end result is a more consistent product, and we are proud to tell you that independent tests show a 1.4 % repeatability from batch to batch over a 12 month period