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w h a t  m a k e s  u s  d i f f e r e n t ?


We believe no two customers are identical, and the same goes for operating conditions.  We simply don’t believe in a standard wheel, and that is what makes us different.  


35 years of experience go into tailoring a product to suit your very individual needs.  We will work with you to provide a high precision product of exacting performance.


Hytek europe is the only European based manufacturer of ultra thin resin bond super abrasive dicing blades with production capacity for fast deliveries.

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Hytek produces a wide range of super abrasive dicing blades used to cut very hard and brittle materials.  The self-sharpening nature of resin bonds ensures that fresh abrasive grains are continually replenished to give high quality cutting action.  A reduction in flange diameter enables the entire blade diameter to be used.


thickness range

from 0.050mm to 1.50mm



from 8.0mm to 125mm